Maxim and Anastasia


Today feels like a perfect day to say that a fairy tale can come true if you truly belive in it! If you believe in love! If you dont pay attention to long distances and like to dream!

We said "yes" to each other in the country we've never been, the country we didn't know much about..today we only know we don't want different Georgia. Company Diadema Wedding and Georgia are one heart. Georgia became to me a country that you need to learn, to see, to feel and I think nobody should do it alone! 

The fairy tale we were in was created by Diadema Wedding and the hundreds of compliments we received about the wedding are not only ours but theirs too. I never felt that happy before. Thank you!❤️

Gio and Tako


We always knew that our wedding would take place here, it is our motherland. Diadema
Wedding team has organized our amazing engagement party and afterwards a spectacular wedding which was discussed by our Georgian friends for few more months after the event. 
The team had a complicated task to combine old traditions with new modern approach, it was very important to us. And you completed it on 100%. We are very happy we chose you! We are very touched that you were very attentive to our wishes and needs. Thank you very much! 

Eric and Marianna


When we decided on Georgia as our wedding venue there wasn't much time left till the main day. 
We are very grateful to our planners for what they did just in a couple of weeks to make our dream come true.

Marianna really wanted to have her wedding be similar to the wedding of "Twilight.Saga." movie. And we got exactly what we wanted. A perfect day in a fairy tale like chateau with our closest family and friends. It all was romantic, heartwarming and very beautiful. If it was possible to repeat this day we would do it in exactly same way with exactly same planners!

Vitaly and Sevara


Our perfect wedding was held in the mountains. It was a kind of a magic! We remember how we were choosing the location for the ceremony: agency team was showing us the videos from different view points and mountain gorges. Actually the whole planning time was like that, we just trusted the team. And they heard our wishes and searched for the best solutions. Remembering of that nice summer day brings the warmth to our hearts. Thank you very much! 

David and Inna

may 2017

As we got married in Georgia we thought it should be the venue for our wedding anniversary too! We also were willing to do it because of the Diadema Wedding. We wouldn't be this brave if not Alina and her team and our complete trust to them. It was the most amazing and unforgettable 3 days! Diadema Wedding team created a wonderful party for all of us! People were asking me why am I not nervous but just so relaxed? Why would i be nervous if everything was perfectly organized? Only after the event we knew the amount of challenges the team had, but none of the guest had a clue. Everything was done to our liking and we really enjoyed it! I trusted the team fully, i only saw the restaurant setup 15 minitus prior to the beginning. It all was remarcable.
We had the best host - Igor Vernik, amazingly talanted Emma M, best dj Fedor Fomin who managed to get every our guest on the dance floor! All of it thank to Diadema Wedding team!
Brides, birthday boys and girls, everybody who is intended to go to Georgia for visit or event, you just have to approach Diadema Wedding to have an amazing and unforgettable experience!